piping netcat to mplayer

  • hello!
    When I write this line of code in the cmd:
    nc ip 5000 | mplayer -fps 60 -cache 1024 -
    I get a stream video running in mplayer from my raspberry pi server.
    I want to do the same from a Qt app.
    this is what i wrote but doesn't work:

    QProcess *process1;
    QProcess *process2;
    process1 = new QProcess(0);
    process2 = new QProcess(0);
    QStringList args1;
    QStringList args2;
    args1 += " 5001";
    args2 += "-fps 60 -cache 1024 -";
    process1->start("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MPlayer for Windows\\nc.exe",args1);
    process2->start("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MPlayer for Windows\\mplayer.exe",args2);

    what is wrong here?

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    Do you mean you have nc ip 5000 | mplayer -fps 60 -cache 1024 - running in a cmd.exe console ?

  • hello,
    yes in the cmd.exe console.
    actually now it works but with a strange bug. when starting the processes nothing happens, and after I close the Qt app(The UI window) the Mplayer jumps to the screen and the stream is visible. How can I make it jump during the time the app is running?
    Another thing is I want it to appear in the app itself(Qwidget or Qmedia player). I did this to run a video from a file in the disk:
    args2 += "-slave";
    args2 += "-wid";
    args2 += QString::number((int)ui->Mwidget->winId());
    args2 += "C:\Program Files (x86)\MPlayer for Windows\MVI_1343.avi";

    process2->start("C:\Program Files (x86)\MPlayer for Windows\mplayer.exe",args2);

    and it ran inside the Qwidget in my app, though combining all arguments together doesn't work(I can't see the video stream in the Qwidget window).

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