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QIcon's looking a little fuzzy

  • I added some QIcons to a bunch of QToolButton's in my app via a .qrc file. The images load up fine, but when I looked much closer at them, they appeared really semi fuzzy. They are tiny (18x18). Some of my other (placeholder) icons which are just XPM images (with only two colors, solid black and transparent) also are partially fuzzy. Does anyone have an idea why, or how I can fix this?

  • Hi,

    IIRC the standard size for toolbar icons is 22x22; if you provided smaller icons Qt scales them to that size.
    Scaling makes the icons fuzzy.

    If I'm right you can do one of these:

    • use bigger icons
    • set the toolbar icon size to 18X18

  • The QToolButtons don't live insdie a QToolBar, I don't want the user to move them around. Should I instead use a QPushButton then?

  • Found a solution. QToolButton::setIconSize().

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