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Long weekends

  • My travel plans for this weekend failed. Bad luck since it's a pretty long one with Monday being the National Day in Norway. Instead I spent the morning in bed, having coffee and reading.

    What are you doing on holidays? Do you usually have great plans or don't you plan at all? Do you enjoy doing nothing or prefer great action?

  • Don't plan a thing, usually. I have used up the great action in my youth.. been there.. done that, and over it.
    My long weekend plans usually consist of riding bikes to the park, and playing with some very short people who think my name is 'daddy'.

  • Mostly I do some longer reading, going out with friends or just take a walk in the nature, play some basketball or ski and then do some contributing to various Free/Open Source projects. No plans, all depends on the mood.

  • During the week I almost don't have time for my personal projects, I'm busy at work making Android applications in Java.

    The weekend is when I have time to read something out of programming subject, watch movies and TV series, go out with friends and my girlfriend, and develop my own projects (the current one is a media player using C++ and Qt, see showcase).

  • Studying and sightseeing. That's what I do on Saturdays. On Sundays, I'm usually in front of my computer; I develop projects, listen music, stay connected with my friends, read news.

    I know, it sounds boring but as a cadet who works a lot in weekdays, it is very exciting. :)

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    Weekends are generally always set aside for family time. After working all week, it's nice to have a break and find a good solid standing in reality for a while.

    Sometimes personal projects have to take a back seat, but hanging out with the wife and kids is far better!

  • This weekend I have to get two sofas from shore to an island using a rather small boat. I will either get new sofas or a great story to tell the grandchildren. A clear win-win situation I'd say.

  • [quote author="MariusG" date="1274486426"] I will either get new sofas or a great story to tell the grandchildren. A clear win-win situation I'd say.[/quote]

    I am looking forward to the story... ;)

  • During this weekend I've had a trip to Macedonia, the purpose was visiting and some shopping for the vacation I planned on 3rd of June; But usually I spend weekends studying (for school or for fun - I always want to try and learn new technologies) or watching movies.

  • Nothing special this weekend. Sleeping and couch surfing for this weekend I guess... :)

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