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QLabel Display Issue

  • Hello All,

    My code is:


    The problem that i face is that when the Point Size of the font is set to 13 whole text is displayed properly, but when it is incremented by 1 i.e. it is set to 14 then only a single backslash is visible in the label. Output is: \

    Kindly give me suggestions how to resolve this issue.


  • I could be totally off here (as this is a very basic answer) but in my experience this kind of thing usually happens when the control is too small to fit the text. Since you have no "breaks" for words in your text the results can be a bit odd. Does it do the same thing when you send a false parameter to setWordWrap?

  • @primem0ver
    Thanks for the reply.

    When i commented the setWordWrap line then whole text is displayed correctly, So this concludes that the other characters after first backslash are moving to the next line.

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