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Qt Creator - No automatic addition of source files to a project?

  • I was editing a source file under a directory that is part of a Qt Creator project - when I did a project-wide search, I realised that Qt Creator was refusing to find any hits in the file! After some messing around I realised that Qt Creator didn't consider the file part of the current project - I've since discovered the Projects view, right-click -> Add Existing Directory...

    Do I have to go through the process of adding source files every time a file is not created in Qt Creator (i.e. copied in)/someone else adds a file to a project? In the current example, every source file under the main directory is part of the project without question.


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    HI and welcome to devnet,

    Is the file listed in your pro file ?

  • Sorry, even though I'm subscribed I didn't get an email saying you responded??

    This is not a Qt project, a bogstandard autotools one - I'm assuming the equivalent is '<projectname>.files', at the top-level directory? Looking at this, I'm assuming that Qt Creator doesn't really have a 'project directory' here and just a raw collection of monitored files?

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    For the mail thing, check your account settings, it might be off.

    It might be a glitch in the autotools plugin

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