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Developing a free closed source program

  • In compliance with the LGPL License how do I compile my APK's in a manner that I don't have to release the source? Is there an option to link dynamically or what? I want to get a license later on, but I want to see if I can make any money from my apps so far.

  • Hi,
    iOS and Android are special cases - that's why there is a cheaper version of Qt - "Indie Mobile".
    LGPL requires that user can at any point replace by themselves libraries - so technically You can redistribute only binary and say to users "go to qt site and download library". Problem is with Andorid and iOS and their respective "stores"

    • AppStore - iOS - application must be linked against libraries statically - violates LGPL.
    • Google Play - APK container - libraries are linked dynamically, but user can't easily swap libraries in APK - violates LGPL

    If You want to be 100% legit then there is no other way as to purchase "Inde mobile" license.
    You can just purchase 1 month subscription and place application during that period in store.

    NOTE: This is my interpretation of licensing, this may be not 100% accurate and I'm not lawyer.

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