Record compressed and light audio file

  • Hi guys, i want to record audio with the smallest size, In fact , QAudioInput doesn't match my needs because it records uncompressed audio. Please can someon give me a link wher i can see how to do that,
    I want to record light file audio like whatsapp using aac. I would like to know where to start.
    Thanks !

  • Hi,
    What You want is probably some kind of compression library, QAudioINput is fine and will get You a raw data from audio inputs then, and here compes library, You will need to cpmpress such data before saving it.

    Take a look at FFmpeg, libVlc, libmp3lame, libmad etc. Basically determine what format You want to save Your audio in and look for library that will handle I/O (in this case compression and save).

    IIRC Qt don't offer anything in this area.

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