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Keeping track of posts I've rated up...

  • Is it possible to add some sort of indicator to show that I've rated a post up in the new posts list / forum listing?

    Quite often someone will ask an interesting question which I can't help with, but that I am interested in any future discussion - I usually rate these posts up. The problem is, I often miss any follow up answers if I'm not keeping track of the discussion.

    What I'm suggesting is that when I rate a piece of content up the forum software should put some sort of indicator (say an orange star) next to the topic listing. This way, when I skim through the new posts pages I can quickly spot the stuff I'm interested in.

    Any thoughts?

  • An alternative way of highlighting them I just thought of could be with some colour to the left of the post :

    !http://i.imgur.com/oCsLx.png(Rated post suggestion)!

    (see the orange bits by "Runtime QWidger explorer" and "Symbian to be sold to Accenture")

  • Rating is not actually intended to be used in the way you are currently using. The current rating system is expected to get an update some time in the near future.

    Probably someone from the QDN development team can clarify this.

  • I did read that they were looking at updating the rating system.

    I just thought I'd throw this idea out there so they could consider it, refine it and maybe include something similar if they think it has merit. :-)

  • If you are interested in any follow-ups, click on the "Subscribe to this thread" link at the top of that topic.

  • You may describe to the thread so you will get email notifications for any update post.
    The main issue is, if there are no more updates, you get no info on update :(
    Another option would be to place a post just to find it lateron through your written posts. However, this would place a lot of nonsense post just for keeping people track of some thread.

    I had similar thoughts of how to track interesting topics, but thought about the tagging system. But here there are similar issues. It cannot be the intend to place tags just for keeping track of a post. Being taking over a tag, which has been introduced by someonelse could be a solution, but does not work.

    However, may there are other possibilities to keep track of interesting threads. Somehow an individual page collecting what is/was interesting for me would be perfect.

    Is something like this already in the system and I did oversee it?

  • I completely missed that "subscribe" link until you pointed it out. Thanks.

    Koahnig's point about just keeping a nice list of interesting/useful posts is the other thing I was looking at solving with this suggestion. Using the rating system for this was the best logical fit I could think of so far.

    Another thing is that subscribing means I'm going to get an email for every follow up post. If I'm not actually participating in the thread and just lurking these can be a little bit overwhelming.

  • I think that the "Smart subscription" feature option in your profile settings only sends out one email for that thread until you actually visit that thread. Then it will send out another email for the next new post. At least that's what it seems to do for me.

  • Thanks ZapB for pointing to the profile settings.
    In the profile settings is an entry "View subscriptions". There you can find at least all threads you have subscribed to over time. So there is not necessarily the requirement of a new post to find the stuff you were interested in. However, after some time it might become messy and the overview is gone.

  • As far as I know, there is some kind of bookmarking module in the pipeline for DevNet.

  • Volker, that's great news if it is indeed true. I'll just cross my fingers and wait and see.

  • So basically you're after a bookmarking feature for forum topics. Have you tried the subscription option? What would be missing from that (apart from the visual indicator)?

    The bookmark feature Volker mentioned is part of the coming Documentation implementation. You will be able to bookmark the classes you're interested in so you can come back to them more easily.

    As far as I know, there are no plans to extend this functionality to the forums. You could file a wishlist bug for Marius. :)

  • Et voilà - it's here for a couple of months :-) "QTWEBSITE-126":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTWEBSITE-126

    Please vote to push it up!

    Some links to "the original discussion":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/2212 and one regarding "bookmarking wiki pages":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/1974/

    @Alexandra: for the rationale I'd like to quote myself:

    [quote]I often read a post and I know I have something to say but it needs some more work to be done and I do not have the time while I’m reading that. At the moment it’s hard to come back to that respective thread. So, I would find a bookmarking mechanism handy, ideally with the ability to add a short comment. That would prevent forgetting about the post.
    Subscription to notifies is not a real good alternative, because on gets lost over the pure amount of subscriptions.

    And additionally, if no one responds one does not get a "reminder" email too.

  • I didn't see the subscription option until ZapB pointed it out, but it looks like it half solves the problem I had.

    The thing is, I usually have DevNet open in a tab most of the day and use the new posts list to keep track of what's happening. I just thought a visual indicator would be useful for highlighting posts I'm interested in when I'm using the forum like that.

    It's not a dealbreaker or anything, I just like to think out loud sometimes in case someone can use the idea or improve on it.

  • I see I see.

    So here's the deal. We have to prioritize our tasks - surprise! - and you can influence it by voting on the bug report. If a feature request gets tons of votes we will bump it up the list.

    But keep in mind that we're a small team before you get your hopes to high up. :)

  • Alexandra, I know you're a small team and you guys are doing a fantastic job.

    I've put my vote on the feature request and we'll see what happens :-)

  • Hi Alexandra,

    I also voted, as I also missed this feature from time to time. And always storing a link in the favorites... not the best idea. And sometimes, it's better to have a small team than a large one :-)

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