Why no memory gets freed after closeEvent?

  • I have an application that needs to launch separate main windows, because I need to copy data between them. I could use shared memory between separate processes, but it is much easier to be able to dynamically open and close multiple main windows.

    void AGEMainWindow::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)

    The auto-generated destructor deletes user interface. Either it is not called or it doesn't free any memory.

    How do I completely delete and free all user interface memory when closing one main window?

    In wxWidgets this was achieved using only:


  • Hi,

    how do you create instances of AGEMainWindow??
    You can use the Window Attribute Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose.
    For instance in the constructor you can do

    AGEMainWindow::AGEMainWindow(const QWidget* _parent)
        : QMainWindow(_parent)
        setAttribute(Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose, true);

    So after the closeEvent is accepted the Window object will be destroyed

  • By default close does not delete anything.
    It just hides the window.

    Widget can have attribute WA_DeleteOnClose set as mentioned above,
    But if you want to handle deletion yourself you normally just call
    delete yourself.

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