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Using Qt4 instead of QT5?

  • Normally, if I wanted to create a qmake Makefile from the terminal using qt4 instead of qt5 to do the compiling all I need to do is the following:

    qmake -qt4 -makefile

    However, I'm trying to do it from an OpenWrt Makefile. See the source code that I have was written using QT4, and since then, some functions have gone obsolete. To call qmake from an OpenWrt makefile, all I need to do is:

    $(call Build/Configure/Qmake,

    However, I want it to know that I need it to use qt4 for compiling and not qt5. Anybody know how?

  • Hi,

    if you have both Qt4 and Qt5 installed on you system you have only to run the right qmake.

    <PATH_TO_QT4>/bin/qmake -makefile

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