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drag and drop in Qt4

  • I'm using Qt4.8.5 on ARM. There is a drag and drop effect.
    The problem is, AFTER the dropping, an icon often shows up. It's one circle with a back-slash in it. The icon usually means no, right? But in drag and drop, isn't it supposed to be gone AFTER the drop? Why it's still there? And how do I make it go away?

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    Yes it should. Might be a bug. Are you using QWS ?

  • @SGaist Yes, it's qws.

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    Can you check if it's still the case with Qt 4.8.7 ?

  • @SGaist You mean Qt4.8.6, the latest of Qt4, right?
    Well, the Qt4.8.5 I talked about, it was compiled by atmel, not myself. The thing is, atmel managed to combine the Qt libraries into the cross-compiler. I've no idea how they did it or the connections between them. And, let's just say I'm not familiar with Qt core things or anywhere near it. So after I simply replaced the Qt libraries and the fonts, I tried to compile the app I wrote. It didn't work. It said a symbol link in the cross-compiler directory, ld, couldn't find something(sorry, I forgot).
    But I do manage to try Qt4.8.6 using another cross-compiler without so much atmel drama, the Qt libraries is isolated. The drag-drop works fine, no that icon I've talked about is shown.
    But given the atmel part that I don't understand, I can't be 100% certain that it's Qt's bug. But atmel's FAE did say they wouldn't have so many people to change Qt or something.

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