Qt4: Window appears in the upper left corner on metacity

  • I have a problem with window appearance in qt4 on Metacity. Initial problem was with the window appearing under another window, from which it was called by clicking the button. I solved that on Compiz by sending _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW, but on metacity it still wasn't working. After hours of googling, I tried this:

    if (window -> isMinimized())
    window -> showNormal();
    else if (window -> isHidden())
    window -> show();

    //the code that I added, which makes the window appear above.

    window ->setWindowFlags(Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint);
    Qt::WindowFlags flags = window->windowFlags();
    flags &= ~Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint;


    window -> activateWindow();
    window -> raise();

    It is just workaround, but it actually makes the window appear above. And this is where another problem occurs: If the window is shown and I change the focus to the window from where it is called and press the button, my window appears above on the same place as it should. But if I close the window and call it again, it appears in the upper left corner. Does anyone have an idea why it is happening? Thanks in advance.

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