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Building and linking using target system libraries

  • I have the following build configuration that I am trying to simplify:

    Development Platform : Fedora Linux x_64
    Target Platform: Debian x86

    My target has all the Qt libraries installed, and I have installed a copy of my target file system on my development machine. For building an image for my target, I chroot into my target file system on my host and invoke qmake and make installed on my target root file system. This creates a binary that is compatible with all my libraries on my target.

    This works fine, however I need to access by source directory that is located in my root development file system, and I am not sure how to do this once I have chrooted, OR is it possible to invoke the qmake installed on my target rfs from my host rfs. I tried doing this, but it failed.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this more cleanly?

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    What about a bind mount ?

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