• Hi,

    I have a QT app that supports a system tray icon using QSystemTrayIcon. I understand that on 10.7 or lower, it uses growl for notifications. I have growl installed on my system, but don't see any notifications from my app.

    I did some search and noticed that in the QT source code there is a showMessage_sys method that has code within QT_MAC_SYSTEMTRAY_USE_GROWL #ifdef.

    Am wondering if the QT libraries I am using ( stock 5.4 installation ) has it undefined.

    Anyone knows who sets this QT_MAC_SYSTEMTRAY_USE_GROWL ?


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    You have to define it yourself when building Qt

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    Does it mean, I need to have a build for one with growl support and one without? I need my application to be usable on 10.7 and above and I understand growl is only for 10.7 and below.

    Also, where do I define it ? Is there an option I pass in while calling .configure ?

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