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Licensing Question

  • I am a High School student and after working with C++ for a while I want to make a game for mobile, my problem is that I cannot afford a license.
    1)Is there any way for me to keep my game closed source?(Without buying a license)
    2)Which license should I buy?
    3)Is there any available discount being a high school student?
    I read a bunch of similar questions but my problem seems to be unique, and I do not have a lawyer to go to. Is dynamic linking my solution or do I have to save up and buy a license?

  • Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For Desktop application you can use the LGPL version also to build closed source software.
    Something to check is if th LGPL license is available also for mobile apps.

    Keep in mind that, if you need a professional license, you can use the cheap Indie license.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to @mcosta the best thing to do get answers about licensing is to contact the Qt Company directly

  • Thanks, I will speak to them soon, the indie license seems promising but I wish they had QtTranasactions ;/, oh well, my new problem is Qt fails to compile my APK, something dealing with java but I don't know much about java, and the console isn't helping me much.