Unable to playback a custom stream with QMediaPlayer

  • Hi all,
    I searched thoroughly to find an answer to my problem but no other post has been helpful so far.
    I am developing an application in Qt where I need to playback a video stream which is received through a custom protocol. I found myself trying in every possible way to feed these packets in QMediaPlayer with no success. My idea was to write incoming packets in a QBuffer and then read them from QMediaPlayer. Follows my trial:

    /// VideoPlayer.h
    class VideoPlayer : public QWidget
    public slots:
        void play();
        void handlePacket(QByteArray);
        QMediaPlayer mediaPlayer;
        QBuffer      buffer;
    /// VideoPlayer.cpp
    VideoPlayer::VideoPlayer(QWidget *parent)
    : QWidget(parent)
    , mediaPlayer(0, (QMediaPlayer::StreamPlayback))
    void VideoPlayer::handlePacket(QByteArray packet)
    void VideoPlayer::play()
        mediaPlayer.setMedia(QMediaContent(), &buffer);

    With the above QMediaPlayer plays back data in the buffer at the moment of calling mediaPlayer.setMedia(QMediaContent(), &buffer) but seems to ignore that new packets were appended to the buffer. May it be because I am accessing the internal QByteArray directly (I checked that QIODevice::readyRead signal is emitted and it is)? I found no way to make QMediaPlayer play new incoming data other than calling setMedia again. Is there a way to notify QMediaPlayer that media length has changed?

    Is there an easier way to make this? I thought about writing my own QIODevice or somehow integrate my packet receiver in the Qt framework to provide my custom stream as a QMediaContent?

    Are there any other libraries or methods which would allow me to accomplish this task?

    I am using Qt 5.4.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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