SOLVED - Is myQListWidget->selectedItems().at(0)->text() always the same as myQListWidget->currentItem()->text() ?

  • Given, the mode of selection is single selection, do these both yield the same result?


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    AFAICT, yes. But to confirm that, writing a little test application would have got you the answer sooner

  • Thanks @SGaist! I am sorry, I wasn't able to find the official Qt repo at the time of posting this question, that's why I asked this question. Later, when I found it, I went through the code and got my answer.

    The answer is:
    If a QListWidgetItem is passed to setCurrentItem() (directly or indirectly; setCurrentItem() also selects the specified item, if the selection mode is notQAbstractItemView::NoSelection), then both myQListWidget->selectedItems().at(0)->text() and myQListWidget->currentItem()->text() show the same result. Whereas, if an item is selected by any other means, then it may or may not become the current item, hence both may yield different results.

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    Why did you need the Qt repo ?

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