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Cross compile using Qt5.4 from AMD x86 PC with Ubuntu 14.04 for BeagleBone Black ARM SBC with Debian- Jessie

  • Hello Folks,
    I'm having a lot problems cross compiling from my Host PC which is an AMD x86 computer (HOST) with Ubuntu 14.04 installed on it. I am trying to cross compile to my BeagleBone Black (TARGET) which has Debian-Jessie installed on it.

    During cross compiling with Qt5.4 to my BBB, I was getting errors regarding the libQt5 files being the wrong format.The error message I receive is "cannot execute binary file, exec format error".

    Does anyone know how to cross compile correctly with Qt5.X from a host x86 PC computer which has Ubuntu 14.04 installed to a BeagleBone Black- Debian Jessie?
    I would really appreciate your help in this urgent matter.


  • Hi Tim,
    I have set up Qt4.8 and Qt5 development platforms for the Beaglebone Black using the Yocto Project. That way you get all the SDK all built for you.

    Are you locked into Debian-Jessie? If so I can't help... sorry.

    Let me know,

  • @LouisRyan
    Hello LOuis,
    I have another BBB on which I can install the Yocto project. Do you have the instructions for the installation of the apps I might need to ensure the cross compilation would work?


  • @Timsta

    Hi Tim,
    I use the following as a minimum...

    Qt Libs, GDB-Server, SSH, SFTP-server... ( These will be needed on the BBB )

    I tend to use HOB.

    Once you build that image do "bitbake meta -toolchain-qt5" and when finished run the installer...

    You now have the SDK for Qt.

    One point - I have Qt4.8 working perfectly with -qws. For Qt5.x I have been unable to get graphics to work. Console applications are fine but I am still trying to get a replacment for qws to work so I won't be able to help you there.

    Make sense?

    Let me know if you need any more detail in any of the areas.

    Best of luck,

  • @LouisRyan
    Hello Louis,
    I'm using Qt 5.4 . Have you looked at the OpenGL on the BBB? There are two routes to try with BBB development: the community open source project or the TI SDK. Both of them are Linux. The TI SDK gives a nice accelerated development environment for Qt -- their focus is Qt. No need for X. Up until a year ago, you could not use their kernel for LCD's -- it only supported HDMI displays. The issue had to do with TI using an older Linux kernel and lack of support for the "device overlay" feature. I think that issue has since been resolved, though I have not tried it. I can give you download links on TI's site if needed. You can find them on google if you know what you are looking for -- but be careful with old information. Anything older than a year is likely obsolete. I think TI calls it their "Easy Linux SDK". I don't know the status of OpenGL acceleration in the community open source code. Turns out the OpenGL is nice to have, but not entirely necessary either.

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