CopperSpice, an interesting Qt fork

  • CopperSpice has been released:

    If they (CopperSpice) going to put more attention to QWidgets and QPainter,
    it will be very interesting. I don't like the direction Digia is going with QML and Qtquick.
    There are too many open bugs related to QPainter and QWidgets.

  • Thanks to orig poster for the link. I can't decide about copper spice... it seems it is just a one or two man band at the moment, do you (or anyone) think it will grow in terms of users and support?

    I'll probably give it a go anyway on some small applet to try it, but if anyone has experience with it, would be interesting to hear.

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    As much as I like the idea of modernizing Qt I don't really like copperspice. It has this feel of "works for me". The authors are too eager to cut corners and despite of what they say, they don't seem to care much about breaking stuff. It's also based on the Qt4 codebase and AFAIK there is no MSVC version that can compile it yet. Real bummer to me.
    I'm gonna have occasional look at where they're at, but I'm more interested in modernizing in evolutionary fashion - Qt 6 or 7. Their approach seems too radical to keep the quality and will require much work to get to the point where original Qt is, especially since they don't nearly have the community Qt has.

    There's been an interesting exchange about it in the mailing lists in June/July. Many possible problems and shortcomings of their approach were discussed.

  • Thanks very much for the information and links; the point you raised is very important/interesting to me in that Qt is already a "fast moving target" and for CopperSpice to get close it will need continuous work and effort it's difficult to see it keeping up. Also the growth of Qt has been amazing - I started using Qt about 5 years ago and it felt relativity unknown (I saw very few, or no, jobs requiring Qt), but now it seems to be everywhere. Even in forums like stack overflow the "qt" tag is about 10% as popular as "c++" tag (which is by far the most popular), so again... hard to see CopperSpice getting the same exposure, unless it offers something better then Qt... I am not sure that the removal of Moc is enough for me to want to move away from the Qt community/feature-set anytime soon.

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