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cache Buffer in ListView works only in one direction?

  • Hi together!

    I developed a customized Scroll-Bar for ListViews, which is using the contentY / contentHeight / originY Properties.
    The ListView has cacheBuffer enabled, but the buffering works - via setting contentY property - only in one direction. When the new contentY value is higher than the old one (down scrolling), i can follow the creation of delegates outside the visible viewport area via debug messages. But if i scroll upwards (setting a lower contentY value as before) then no Delegates will be prealoaded.
    In consequence, my ListView can scrolling down nice and fluid but upscrolling is really juddery (low performance arm devicer).

    If i use the flick gesture to scroll, the preloading works perfectly in both directions. But in this case, the interactive property has to be set to false.

    So: Is there any other property as contentY to scroll the content of a ListView manually? Any suggestions or proposals are welcome!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi @Frime,
    Can you post a minimal compilable example which will show the problem ?