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I have a problem with QT app on Symbian^3

  • With the same app:
    Build with Qt4.6.3
    First case: Build app with Qt 4.6.3 for symbian^1
    Deploy on nokia E72 with Qt 4.6.3, QtMobility 1.1.1. The App work fine, No errors, no bugs. My app run very fast.
    Second case:
    Build app with Qt 4.6.3 for symbian^3
    Deploy on nokia N8 with Qt 4.6.3 for symbian^3, QtMobility 1.1.1. The App run very slow, some time it suddenly exit, most often memory full, if I click on a button, the menu link to it display very slow. If I save some record to SqlIte DB, it cost more times (many times higher than when run App on E72)
    Can you tell me why? And have any tips to resolve it?
    Thanks alot!

  • I've had similar problems.

    For Symbian 3, try to build it with Nokia Qt SDK 1.1 RC. (Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Mobility 1.1.3).
    The app should run faster and hopefully with no crashes.

  • Please note that once you build Qt application using Nokia Qt SDK this application is compatible to all Symbian Devices which support Qt. I am trying to say that you do not have to build your app twice.

    Regarding the issue on N8 - make sure that there are no other applications running on the device in the same time. We will be able to help you if you provide some source code and more details regarding your test cases.


  • I'm sure that, my phone is not running any app when I'm testting, only one test app is running.
    The old build of my app tested on E72 for 6 months, it work fine, no bug, no errors.
    With the same sis file (Build one deploy on 2 phones), if I install it on N8 phone, many of problem happened. My N8 phone work fine, game play very good, all application running fast.
    I can send you my project and sis file for testting. It's a quite big program.
    Thanks for all reply!

  • [quote author="hungchuviet" date="1304561696"]I can send you my project and sis file for testting. It's a quite big program.[/quote]

    Sorry I do not have time to test big applications right now.

    I would recommend you to follow borut123 's advice to build the application in release mode using the latest SDK and to the test it on various devices again.

    Best regards,

  • hey install latest Qt 4.7.1 in your device and try to build it,you may not face this issue

  • I'll try it!
    Thanks to all my friends!

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