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Got some crashes on Android

  • Hello Community,

    I've developed a desktop tool for Windows and it worked very well. Now I want to run it on an android tablet. Therfore I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab4. Mostly my program runs okay with android but with triggering some function its just crashing. Like I'm said on windows its not crashing anytime. Running the app in debug mode isn't very helpful because the debugger stops at the very end of the program at the "return a.exec()" line in main class.

    Program received signal: “SIGSEGV”

    On starting the app on android I got this message:
    D/Qt ( 1944): fontdatabases\basic\qbasicfontdatabase.cpp:239 (static QStringList QBasicFontDatabase::addTTFile(const QByteArray&, const QByteArray&, QSupportedWritingSystems*)): FT_New_Face failed with index 0 : 90

    I googled and found this:

    Well I'm not using QML so I'm confused. I dont't know, but I don't think this is the reason for my problem...
    Do you have any idea?

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