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[Moved] Tutorial "Model/View Tutorial": Steps missing?

  • Hello all,

    I'm going through:

    In the earlier sections certain necessary changes to the mymodel.h file are not mentioned. Was able to figure it out.

    Section 2.5 seems to talk about QMainWindow and setting window titles, but I don't see any mention of this in the instruction steps / code.

    Section 3.1 seems to build on 2.5, but the screen shot does not show the sample data we've been building up, and the suggestion to try swapping in QTreeView for QTableView causes the application to crash when row-expander arrows are clicked.

    Will report back after going further...

    Also: Is this the correct forum, or is this strictly Wiki related? What is the correct formum to discuss general documentation issues? ("Beta Testing"? "General"?)

  • Hi,

    it is not the correct forum, as the documentation is not part of the wiki, but I also don't know a better one, perhaps we need a documentation forum. In future, afaik, it is planned to be able to add comments to the docs.

    You should file a bug report in "Jira": for it, the community can't change the docs.

  • I've moved it to General and Desktop for now. It fits more than wiki anyway.

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