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Install Qt v4.7.2 with visual studio 2010

  • Hello,

    I am a beginner in using Qt and I am using windows7 (64bit), with visual studio 2010 (SP3) and win32 command prompt.I have download the source code for version Qt-4.7.2.I have unzipped the source code in this directory C:\Qt\source, and I have create a bin file to take the results in this directory
    C:\Qt\bin. In the command prompt opened by vs2010 I type:

    C:\Qt\source>configure -webkit -debug-and-release -nomake examples -nomake demos -prefix

    And I get this message: Unample to detect the platform from enviroment. Use -platform command linearargument or set the QMAKESPEC enviroment variable and run configure again

    What must I change in my writings, and how the command PATH is used?
    If someone installed Qt recently I hope could help me

  • What do you mean with following sentence?
    [quote author="john s" date="1304461631"]I have create a bin file to take the results in this directory
    C:\Qt\bin. [/quote]

    The command line
    [quote author="john s" date="1304461631"]
    C:\Qt\source>configure -webkit -debug-and-release -nomake examples -nomake demos -prefix

    should probably read
    @C:\Qt\source>configure -webkit -debug-and-release -nomake examples -nomake demos -prefix c:\Qt\bin @

    However, is the compiler directory set in the environment path?

  • Yes, the directory is set in the invironment path but now I have problem in using nmake. To understand what I have done, I will show you a review of my steps in this link

    Until step 11 everything is fine, but then the procedure is stoped and I get this message:
    Creating qmake...
    execute:File or path is not found (nmake)
    execute:File or path is not found (nmake)
    Cleaning qmake failed,return code -1

    Doyou know how to solve this?

    thanks in advance

  • What does happen, if you run nmake instead of configure?

  • When I type nmake in the command prompt it says that: nmake is not recognized as internal or external command or executable program.
    Are there any steps to intall and use nmake?

  • nmake is part of visual studio and it is installed together with visual studio. You should find it in the directory where you have installed vc.
    I guess there is still a problem and the vc installation directory is not part of your "path" setting. Call the command "path" on the prompt and see if the installation directory is really set in your environment.
    However, this is all I can help you. I am using an older visual studio version. So, if there are differences to MSVC 2010 I cannot know.

  • Use the shortcut they provide for suck things: Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)

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