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Ancient RH version with more recent Qt?

  • I'm replacing a slightly crappy Windows-only DLL with a properly-written cross-platform DLL/SO. (Obviously, using Qt to make it cross-platform.) The DLL/SO doesn't do anything graphical - it's just the interface between our equipment and the user's application, so it's munging strings and bytestreams. Being able to use QSerialPort and QTcpSocket would be distinct advantages to save wheel reinvention, but the main thing is cross-platform-ness.

    The catch: one of our customers is using RH 7.2 (Enigma). They will shortly be "upgrading" to Scientific Linux 5.4. Yes, those are both 2009-vintage Linux releases!

    Does anyone know whether recent versions of Qt will build and run with such old Linux versions? And if not, how far would I have to go back to find a Qt version that'll work? I'm setting up VMs now to try it myself, but if someone has been there already then it'll save me trying things that definitely won't work.

    (PS. Replies on the theme of "get them to install a more recent Linux release" will be fed to the attack hamsters. They're the customer. The golden rule is that he who has the gold makes the rule.)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can find the requirements here

    IIRC, Qt's CI is currently running tests against Ubuntu 10.04 which is about the same time as Scientific Linux 5.4 so it should be good.

    RH7.2 is from 2001, isn't it ?

  • @SGaist Eep - yes, you're right, 2001 for Enigma. Why was I thinking 2009 for that? That's a non-starter then. SL5.4 should be OK though.

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