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Merging old account into the current one

  • It seems that users no longer can log in using old accounts here. I tried "Forgot password", but I did not get any e-mail. Apparently we need Qt account now. It's fine, no big deal, but Qt account is a bit bigger thing than the old accounts used to be, so I went with other mail (more formal you could say) than I used in the old days. Now, though, I cannot set public name to my nick (przemoc), because it's already in use by my old account ( I would like to ask administrators here for help in merging my old account into the current one.

  • Hi,

    You can create a Qt Account with your old email. The username for old users is tied to the the old email. So when you re-create your old email, you will automatically be prompted to accept the old username. (we didn't want to read peoples passwords when migrating, so we didn't create Qt Accounts automatically to everyone)

    In case you want to use the new email and old username, please open a chat session with me here.

    I can't merge posts from different users, so it is good that you wrote before you have a lot of posts on the new username too :)

  • @przemoc86 @przemoc
    Account change done.

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