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Wayland Qt api, wl_display_connect("wayland-1");

  • Hi,

    While using X11 in embedded platform we have options like below to write in to specific display layer for overlay screens as shown below:

    ./qtapp-name -display Linuxfb:/dev/fb2:enable=1.

    While accessing different display layers in wayland, we can have an option to call api similar like this:
    wl_display_connect("wayland-1"); or wl_display_connect("wayland-2");
    but by default it is wl_display_connect("wayland-0"); or wl_display_connect(NULL);

    I'm developing quick 3d applications using qt (a POC for 3D embedded real-time applications), is there any way to access different frame buffers as like we can do in X11 for Qt applications?

    Any inputs are welcome.

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