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QVariant convert to QBrush

  • I am working with a QTreeview.
    index_data =, QT::ForegroundRole)
    > 66 -> QBrush

    So all indications are that the QVariant was converted to QBrush,
    however I am unable to call any QBrush functions on idex_data.
    I am doing all of this in Squish

    I am ultimately looking for the color of text in the index.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    you should rather use



    QBrush brush = index_data.value<QBrush>();
    //modify brush
    treeview->model()->setData(index, brush, Qt::ForegroundRole);

    Hope it helps

  • The color of the text is already set. I am testing that the color is correct.
    When I convert the QVariant to a QBrush I expect that I can call color()
    and verify that it was set properly. However when I convert the Qvariant to QBrush the functions available to me are those of the QVariant not QBrush. Is there a better way to get text color from an QModelIndex?

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    QBrush brush = index_data.value<QBrush>();

    There you have your QBrush object you want to test

  • Unfortunately Squish does not allow me to use the same syntax that you are using.
    I tried multiple variations of your code all give me <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>.
    I am contacting them. Thanks for the help.

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