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Update maintenance tool itself using QtIFW

  • Hi,

    I am using Qt Installer Framework to install and update our application for our clients. I use the maintenance tool, that is copied to the installation folder at installation, as an update mechanism for the software.

    What is a good way to update the maintenance tool itself when I create a new version of our installer? I guess I cannot replace the maintenance tool while it is running?


  • @JeroenDierckx

    That is really an interesting question. As merely a user I cannot give you a proper answer.

    However, I have seen with the Qt maintenance tool the other day that it ask for an update and it was asking for restart at the end. Possibly it is triggered when an update based on new maintenance tool is loaded.

    Also I am questioning if this is best place here to ask. Installer framework questions (at least those tagged as) do not a lot of responses. Probably the developer mailing list is better.

  • It's possible, the Qt SDK performs this action for every new release of the ifw.

    The guys over at the Qt company use the installed script bundled within this archive for example. I'm however not entirely sure if this requires a custom built CPP operation registered within the installer core as of now.

    Probably the install script is a good beginning for you...

    Alex from V-Play

  • Thanks for the replies. The archive you linked to contains only part of the logic I guess. The actual QtIFW config files seem to be generated or something when looking at the qtsdk source. Or am I missing the package config files somewhere?

    Anyway, I will try some things. I still think updating the maintenance tool itself should be easily supported by QtIFW.


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