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is QT creator need dependent to run in cross platform

  • hi guy

    i just have one question ?

    is QT creator need dependent to run in cross platform like visual studio 2015 need xamarin
    for you can run the software in cross platfor ???

    thank you

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Qt is a cross-platform c++ library. It is compiled separately for each platform it supports with whatever compiler is available for it, usually gcc, clang or msvc.
    In that respect Qt is similar to what xamarin is, except it's c++ and compiled to native binaries. Each supported platform supports apps written in c++ (with some platform specific sprinkles here and there, handled by Qt internally for you).

    Qt Creator is just an IDE written using Qt, and as such it is also cross-platform and does not require 3rd party software to be so.

  • thank you so so much for this info

    i was asking cuz i deal with coder for code software it can work with cross-platfrom ( Android - iphone ) by using visual studio 2015 but the coder tell me if he code it with visual studio 2015 that mean must be all the mobiles going to use this software need to install xamarin for they can use the software and i search and i find QT not need 3rd party software as xamarin for run my software .
    ** another question i can find most the features that in visual studio 2015 there in QT ?

    QT shortcut for what ????

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    It's Qt not QT. QT usually stands for Apple's QuickTime.
    Qt (pronounced "cute") is not a shortcut (historically it might have been at some point).

    Qt is a c++ software library.
    Qt Creator and Visual Studio 2015 are IDEs.
    The list of features of both IDEs is enormously long. There's no simple "yes" or "no" answer to your question. Some concepts are the same, some different, some missing from one or the other.

  • thank you so much Chris

    we can use Qt creator for large project
    you are so helper

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