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Picking in qt3d

  • I have a project, where i have one 3d object (.obj file) and i want to click on this object. For the first test i would be happy to change the texture or colour of the object. As far as i know it's called picking. Do you guys know how to manage this in qt3d? My whole project is written in qml, so it would be great if i could do the picking with qml (without c++), but if it's necessary im ready to try it that way, too.

    My project is structured as followed:
    I have an Entity as rootEntity and 3D-Entity, where my mesh is loaded. This structure is in an own qml file called View3d.qml. Now I set a Scene3D in my main.qml and load an instance of View3d.
    In qt3 1.0 it was possible to set the property 'picking' to true in a viewport. Is there a similiar solution to scene3d?

    I am using the Qt 5.5 beta with included qt3d on a windows 8.1 64Bit system, if its necessary.

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