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how can i run a code have been written in QT2?

  • hi, I have a code that when debug it in qt5 see many syntactic and library errors, I find that this could have been written in qt 2. how can I run this code?
    I try to install qt2 from archive of but that's unsuccessful too.

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    Hi @mahboubeh,
    Are you sure it is written in Qt 2 ? Have you mistaken it for Qt Quick 2.0 ?
    Qt 2.0 was released 15 years ago and there's no backward compatibility to that level.

  • @p3c0 : how can I sure it is written in QT 2?I just guess that.i find qarray.h library in it.and search and find that it used in QT2 before.and try QT3 too and my code don't run .

  • has anybody that porting this code to qt 5 for me?i cant :(

  • hi and welcome to devnet,

    can you past a link to that code?

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    If you want somebody to help you port the code, you should provide more information about it to get them interested in it. For what project is it ? Is it available somewhere ? etc.

    Most people on this forum have experience with Qt 5 and 4, only a handful worked with Qt 3 and probably none with Qt 2

  • @mcosta :Hi,Thank you.I have that code in my email and should email to you if you can to help me.

  • @SGaist : hi,yes that's right, this code receives to me from a professor that publish a paper and this code is about the implementation his module in that paper

  • Hi,

    is this code public? Can you share with other people? If the answer is YES I suggest to create a public repository (for instance on GitHub) asking people to help you

    Usually porting an application to a different/new platform is not automatic so you need to provide information about testing procedures/requirements and so on.

    Last but not least it's important to know if this code is for personal usage or professional one.

    NOTE Keep in mind that Qt 2 is about 15 years old (or more). That code probably is a dinosaur :D

  • @mcosta No ,I can't share it ,it is personal,and i looking for an expert to help me and i can explain to him/her if its necessary .I have information about what this code wants to show , but don't work with QT at all.

  • @mahboubeh How big is that code? As I said what are you asking could be quite complex. I wondering if could be simpler re-write the code instead of port it to Qt5.

  • @mcosta :it is not very big, so if you can see this code and just say what can I do or what is better to do, I have been very grateful to you for all your help.