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Assertion in one timer doesnt stop all timers - is this the expected behavior?

  • hi, in my qt application (qt 4.5 written under vs2005) i have many (let say two) timers.
    an assert is called in one of those.
    i expect the entire application to stop, but the other timer(s) keep going!
    this is not good at all since it misses the point of the assertion.
    also if i use some library which uses assert i am in no mans land.
    i am using visual studios assert (from cassert.h) but the same behavior is observed using
    qassert or simply by calling qfatal in one timer.

    what is the best way to avoid this?
    keep in mind that i might be using libraries which calls assert, and then i would like the entire application to halt.



  • Example code?

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