Error 2660: qmlRegisterType fails when applying to class which inherits from 2 base classes

  • Hi All,

    I want to register my class DA_RailCarrier to QML via

    qmlRegisterType<DA_RailCarrier>("DA_RailCarrier", 1, 0, "DA_RailCarrier");

    The class is declared as follows:
    class DA_RailCarrier : public QObject, public WST_FSM

    When compiling, I get the following message:
    C2660: 'WST_FSM::operator new': function does not take 2 arguments

    The error references to createInto in qqmlprivate.h:

        void Q_QML_EXPORT qdeclarativeelement_destructor(QObject *);
        template<typename T>
        class QQmlElement : public T
            virtual ~QQmlElement() {
        template<typename T>
        void createInto(void *memory) { new (memory) QQmlElement<T>; }

    I tried to add#include <new>to WST_FSM, same result.
    WST_FSM is in general not a Q_OBJECT derived class, but I've also tried it with QObject as base class.

    Does anyone know a solution? thanks in advance,


    System Info:

    • Qt 5.4.1
    • Compiler MSVC2013

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    Can you show the declaration of WST_FSM and DA_RailCarrier ?

  • @SGaist


    class WST_FSM {
        ////    Constructors and destructors    ////
        //## operation WST_FSM(WST_TSK)
        //## operation ~WST_FSM()
        virtual ~WST_FSM( void );


    class DA_RailCarrier : public QObject, public WST_FSM {
            Q_PROPERTY( QVariantList Order_t READ getQmlOrder_t NOTIFY guiRefresh)    

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    That's not enough to identify the problem at hand, you should post the complete declaration of both classes

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