Make an iPhone-only application

  • I want to target only iPhone with my Qt Quick app (so it will run on iPad in smaller format). I tried two ways to do this:

    • On the Internet it's suggested that I put the following lines in Info.plist:
      This might have worked in earlier versions of Xcode, but Xcode 6 seems to ignore it.
    • I run qmake to generate *.xcodeproj file for my project and opened it in Xcode. This way I'm able to successfully run and deploy my app from Xcode. I can also see its device family setting (Universal by default), but when I try to change it, Xcode crashes.

    Any other ideas?

  • This should be the right way to go. This might however be a know bug:

    You can probably temporarily solve your problem by installing Xcode 6.2 from the Apple member center.


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