Deploy QML with QtMobility

  • Hello all,

    I'm very new to the QML/Qt/QtQuick world and before I was allowed to fall really, really in love with it, I had to do, as usual, some tests... A very important point for us is a Video and Audio element in QML. So I found out, that I need QtMobility. After some compiling problems (I'm on OS X, "":, I made it with:
    @./configure -modules multimedia
    make install@
    When I create a QML Quick UI, it works. I can use the Video element directly, without adding anything to .pro file
    @import QtMultimediaKit 1.1@
    But for deployment I guess I have to create a Qt Quick Application. So when adding
    @CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY = multimedia@
    to the project file and moving the formerly running qml file to the Qt Quick Application qml folder, it gives me an
    @module "QtMultimediaKit" is not installed
    import QtMultimediaKit 1.1 @

    ...but I know, it must be installed. So where do I have to add something else to make it running?

    Thanks and regards,

  • To answer my question:
    Just use the 'Import an existing .qml file' in the New Qt Quick Application Wizard. Damn, that was to easy...

  • Hi
    I have the same problem. Do not understand what you did to get it to work.
    Can you please be more specific how you solved the problem.

  • Sure:
    If you have a QML Application built in QtCreator with File->New File or Project...-
    Qt Quick Project- Qt Quick UI and want to turn this in a Standalone C++ Application, do this
    File->New File or Project...- Qt Quick Project- Qt Quick Application Do everything like you'd usually do, but when it asks for the Main QMl file, choose import an existing .qml file. Here you tell him, which is your main qml file. After that it imports your project structure and it least that did it for me.

  • Hi
    I tried what you suggested but I still get:
    module "QtMultimediaKit" is not installed
    import QtMultimediaKit 1.1

    Any other ideas?

  • And your .qml file works in the QML Viewer without problems?

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