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[Solved]GraphicsWidget & GraphicsScene - auto resizing

  • Is any way to autoresize GraphicsWidget by resizeEvent of main window there??

  • Yes. Basically you do this:

    • Derive a class from QGraphicsView, MyGraphicsView, say.
    • Use this instead of QGraphicsView in your application. Remember to add this to a layout in your application widget hierarchy so that the MyGraphicsView gets resize events as the mainwindow is resized.
    • Override the resizeEvent( QResizeEvent* ) function in your MyGraphicsView class and do something like this:

    void MyGraphicsView::resizeEvent( QResizeEvent* e )
    double w = ( e->size().width() - 20.0 );
    double h = ( e->size().height() - 20.0 );
    m_myGraphicsWidget->resize( w, h );

    You may also want to update the QGraphicsScene's sceneRect in that function too so that it closely bounds the resulting scene. It depends on your item/widget hierarchy what you want to do though.

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