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QThread or QTimer

  • Hi, I'm writing a GUI programme that receives and sends some data through serial port.

    I'm using the approach showed in the Qt documentation where data is read when a readyRead signal is emitted, and I do this in the mainwindow.

    But now, I want to write data every 50 ms, so I thought about using the QTimer class. However I don't know if this is a good idea. Besides, I've read that it's a better advice to do this kind of processing in a separated thread, in the background, and leave the UI for simpler tasks.

    So, which approach do you think it's a better practice?


  • Hi. I think it's all right to use a QTimer, because QSerialPort is a buffered device. Calling the write method will not block your main thread. Give it a try. If you feel some performance decrease, then you may start considering using threads.

  • I use qml to make it work.WorkerScript

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