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[Solved] Icons disappear when ran application

  • I'll add this since many of the solutions I've found on the internet didn't solve the issue.

    The icons appeared on qtcreator's designer but not when the application was ran. The solution:

    Build -> run qmake

    qmake has to be ran so the icons are compiled and present. My scenario:

    • using a qrc file added by the qtcreator gui
    • on Windows
    • Action added throught the qtcreator's Designer and then added icon from resource

  • @quimnuss I don't know how to mark as solved, please do.

  • @quimnuss
    How to mark as solved?

    Simply go to the first post where you started. Press the gear wheel on the very right and select the left (Edit) symbol.
    Go to your title which is in your case "Icons disappear when ran application" add there [solved] in the beginning of line.

  • AH, there's no flag, understood.

    I don't have enough privileges to edit my post or it might be too soon to do so. Will do as soon as possible.


  • @quimnuss
    I have added the [Solved] to your post. AFAIK you should have at least the rights to change/edit your own post.

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