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Created .so file in Eclipse for raspberry pi and it works with Eclipse C++ but not inside QT

  • Hi everyone,
    I wrote some c++ code to produce a shared object .so for the raspberry pi using eclipse. I tested have it in eclipse and the test program can run the .so file perfectly. I had placed the library in 3 places so that Eclipse and QT have their best chance to be able to find it somewhere. These places are as follows:
    /lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib
    Now I am trying to use the same .so file inside of QT creator. So I find I also needed to include any header files I want to use. I grabbed the header I wanted to test and put it in 2 places.
    /usr/include /usr/local/include
    This allowed QT to recognise my class members that I defined, however when I test them inside the qt code by running the program , the computer locks up.
    I have added the .so library to the .pro file by right clicking the project name and clicking ** Add Library**

    I added in the needed header file to the project directory and removed it from both include dirs above
    and the .so NOW WORKS... eek heh I joined up and solved my problem all at the same time ... Anyhow , Hello to all of you other souls who are also hooked on programming away on their computers !!!

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