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  • I was referred to this website by a fellow webmaster. But i feel lost here. Is there any section for beginners?

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    This is a Qt forum. You can ask Qt-related questions, and people will try to answer it.
    There is also a wiki, Qt online documentation and various other Qt-related subpages.

    There is no separate section for beginners.

  • Qt is a framework that is implemented on top of C++. It is a cross-platform GUI/multipurpose development framework that is widely used.

    If you are here about learning Qt then start here:

    There are some beginner docs, how to download, use and in depth docs on the framework. Once you get started there, this forum is a great place for help. Many very knowledgeable and experienced Qt developers come here.

  • Thank you gentlemen! I guess my problem with the forum i have too much important information to choose from... But i get it now

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