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    I am using Qt Cloud services in an application, specifically EDS. We are deploying in countries with extremely slow upload speeds, and when uploading a file (of approximately 1MB), we get a timeout.

    It looks like the timeout is now about half a minute. Is there a way to change this? I would want to set it as large as 15 minutes (the upload is in the background anyway).

    Another question: why would an upload of a file timeout that soon? What if I would want to upload a file of 1GB for example?


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    Not sure if Qt Enginio library allows it but EDS REST api has possibility to upload file in small chunks. If you upload small enough chunk then timeout should not be a problem.

  • Actually, the errors in the console seem to indicate that the C++ API uses those chunks, and one of them failed to upload. Maybe there is no timeout, but an unstable connection.

    If there is no retry mechanism on a chunk level, this will be very problematic in situations like the one we had to deal with. The land lines in South Africa really suck, and they tend to connect/disconnect a lot. I could built in a retry mechanism on the file level, but it almost never succeeds.

    Can anyone give any insights on this? Is there a retry mechanism in place?

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