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Creating 10bit images (like dpx) view application

  • Hello all,

    I'm starting a research for create 10bit images view app
    for 10bit color space enabled displays,
    has any one some hint for here can I start this?

    I think to use some think like the QGLWidget for the job
    (the QImage only supports 8bit spaces) maybe it's possible?



  • That's right, QImage is not currently color space aware, and doesn't have any formats with more than 8-bits per color component. Thus you'd need to do your own image loading. If you have a graphics driver that's capable of creating a GL context with more than 8 bits per color component you might be able to use QGLFormat with the calls setRedBufferSize() etc to get a QGLWidget with such a context. I don't think this has been tested though.

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