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Movable tabs with my own QTabBar class

  • I'm trying to create movable tabs in my QT 4.8 application. I have created my own class of QTabBar so I can set my own style, and in that I call setMovable( true ); directly inside the constructor. But tabs are not movable. What else do I have to implement to make the tabs movable? Do I need to implement any of the events for movable tabs to work? I cannot find any documentation on this.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How are you using that QTabBar ?

  • I have created my own class inhering from QTabBar. In that class I overwrite tabSizeHint, paintEvent, mouseMoveEvent, and leaveEvent.

    The QTabBar is then attached to my own instantiation of a QTabWidget class. In there, I do

    setTabBar( new MyTabBar( this ) );
    setMovable( true );

    That QTabWidget is then instantiated on my QMainWindow.

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    Since you overwrote mouseMouveEvent, did you forget to call the base class implementation ?

  • @SGaist a year has passed after your message but now you helped me very much. Thank you!

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