Qt Creator, target bundle extension - how?

  • I try to develop VST/AU/AAX/RTAS audio plugins with Qt Creator on Mac. For these plug-ins bundle must have a certain extension in the name. For example, "MyPlugin.component" for Audio Unit plug-in, "MyPlugin.vst" for the VST plug-in, "MyPlugin.vst3" for VST3 plug-in and so on. But Qt Creator is always packed bundle with the extension ".app" on OS X like a "MyPlugin.app". The same applies to the packaging VST3 plug-in on Windows, in this case, instead of the .dll extension file should be .vst3 although in fact it is nothing more than a DLL shared library.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can try using the TARGET_EXT variable.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist
    Thank for reply!
    Unfortunately it does not helps. After much searching and digging in google, I was convinced once again that Qt Creator is completely not suitable for the development of audio plug-ins.

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    Ok, then for the dlls you can use QMAKE_EXTENSION_SHLIB and for the bundle QMAKE_BUNDLE_EXTENSION.

    By the way, Qt Creator is innocent for that matter, it will depend on your project manager (in your case qmake)

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