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Graphicsview didn't change, changing Graphicsscene larger, should not impact the project view when it is run. The window never change, isn't it? (solved)

  • To place a rect at the bottom of the scene.
    i have to set scene, view and rect all 600 width.

    I change GraphicsScene larger, didn't expect the view to change.

    I thought since the view didn't change, changing scene (width-900, height-900), should not impact the project when it is run, isn't it?

                scene.setSceneRect(0, 0, 600, 600);                                                    //step 1- scene 600
                QGraphicsRectItem* rect = new QGraphicsRectItem();
                rect->setRect(0,500,600,20);                                                                //full width 600
                   view.resize(600, 600);                                                                       //step3 -view 600

  • I simply set QGraphicsView and QGraphicsScene same parameter

                qreal LCDScreenX = 0;
                qreal LCDScreenY = 0;
                qreal LCDScreenWidth = CComponent::m_LCDWidth;
                qreal LCDScreenHeight = CComponent::m_LCDHeight;
                QRectF LCDScreenSize(LCDScreenX,LCDScreenY,LCDScreenWidth,LCDScreenHeight);
                qDebug() <<LCDScreenX <<LCDScreenY <<LCDScreenWidth <<LCDScreenHeight;
                QGraphicsScene scene;
                QSize ViewGraphicSize(CComponent::m_LCDWidth,CComponent::m_LCDHeight);

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