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Dialog and xine

  • Hi,
    i run xine in full screen mode and a simple dialog but i have two bad behavior:

    1. on pc with gnome (ubuntu), the dialog is on top but xine loses fullscreen mode.
    2. on box with xfce (xubuntu) the dialog for a moment goes on top then goes back.

    I would like xine in fullscreen and the dialog on top.

  • I have resolved with a dialog in fullscreen mode, but isn't pretty

  • I think you are battling the window manager here, not Qt.
    For me, it makes sense that no dialog boxes of other applications are allowed over an application that runs full-screen, but your or the window managers opinion may differ on that. That it works if you set your own application to run full screen as well makes perfect sense then too.

    Thanks for reporting back though.

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