QT 4.6.2 and QMediaPlayer

  • Hi,
    My setup is this for the development machine:

    • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
    • QT 4.6.2
    • QMake: Qt-arm-X11
      and for the embedded computer:
    • Anders DX4 with CM-T3730 (ARMv7a based)
    • Linux distro: Angstrom

    I've been struggling to put a simple window playing an mp4 video. As simple as this: just playing a video!
    After a few months trying everything, from simple to complex solutions, I just don't know where to turn to. I need help!
    I don't have neither qmediaplayer libraries nor phonon ones installed.
    Is there out there a kind soul that can help me install, for instance, qmediaplayer which I find to be easier to play with so I can play the video?
    If there is a quick solution please can you guide me on how to achieve it?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you really locked to that pretty old version of Qt ?

  • Hi,
    Sorry for this late response.
    You don't want to know the headache this stuff have been for during the last months.
    Anyway, I'm stuck with this, on one hand because I don't know enough about Qt (basically this is my first app) and on the other hand because the module that I have (that Anders DX4 thing) is not that popular in a way that basically there isn't a single soul besides me that uses it. Adding to that the support from the manufacturer/assembler is not that good also.
    Anyway, I've manage to use mplayer calling it from the main app using this slot:

    void MainWindow::on_pushbutton_video_clicked()
    FILE* pipe;
    int i;
    pipe=popen("mplayer -fs 'teste_video.mp4'", "w");

    This sorts out the problem, however, I add to use that 'showMinimized' function otherwise the video was played behind the main window.
    Now this is the problem: after the video finishes, the video window closes and it stays like that! I tried the last line of code to put the main app back but nothing happens...
    Any ideas?

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    Go rather with QProcess and the fact that you can control mplayer using std in. So you can stop / start it gracefully from Qt.

  • Can you help me with that?
    I'm so sorry but I'm used to low microcontrollers/microprocessors programming and this is all new to me...
    Any thing like add x and y lines to z file and so on... I'd me much thankful for that.

  • Sorted it!
    I did this, it might not be the most orthodox approach but it works:

    FILE* pipe;
    pipe=popen("mplayer -slave -fs 'teste_video.mp4'", "w");

    Thanks anyway.

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    QProcess details is worth reading anyway.

    You can more easily integrate it within your application if you need more control about mplayer

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