understanding the layouts

  • Hi

    trying to design UI in Qt designer,
    it doesn't look similar to previous skills in C# with simplest anchor property.
    I see that I can to use various layout objects and they do what I need,
    expecting the only thing,
    I can't find the setting to anchor the controls to various sides.
    looks like layouts do not resize together with form resizing by user

    how can I fix this?

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    Did you already read the Using layouts in Designer documentation ? That should you get started

  • I've read this but you are right - I forgot to apply top level layout
    now it works
    thank you

    however still have a question , I could not find the answer for this

    when I have two items with horizontal layout
    (left side is a text box, right side is a grouped vertical layout of various buttons)
    when I'm resizing the form I 'd like to resize left item (editbox) only and keep right item(group of the buttons) with constant width.
    currently both groups are resized

    coiuld you assist please?

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    You can put your buttons in a QWidget and then use setFixedSize

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