How to transfer link

  • hello friends

    Actually i have a facebook button,twitter button which i have to add in my application....Thing is that in my App there AN mediacenter when i click any of the button..then the link of the video is also hw this can be done..please suggest me..

  • Hi Borah,

    sorry I do not get your question. You have a button? ok, it's a button. Where is a link? What is a facebook button? where do you have a mediacenter application? What do you want to achieve?

    Can you please describe your use case, so others can understand?

  • Hi BorahAnshuman, as Gerolf says your question is quite unclear.

    It would be great if you could spend some more time on writing the question so we have a chance to understand it.

    I'm closing this thread, please start over.

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